Erasmus MC - Academic Centers of Excellence

Erasmus MC Academic Centers of Excellence (ACEs)


In 2015 the initiative towards the formation of ACEs was started. Striving to strengthening internal cohesion, to support relationships between care, research and education and to stimulate innovation, by transcending and connecting departments and research groups. Up until now major steps in the process have been taken. The ACEs have deployed various activities to strengthen collaboration, discover new opportunities and inspire each other, and significant results are visible. At the moment (2019) the Erasmus MC has 74 ACEs, focusing on all kinds of topics.

What is an ACE?

Characteristic for an ACE is the multidisciplinary of its activities. ACEs focus on a specific goal or target audience. An ACE has the following characteristics: It fosters a network/collaborative community on research, education and care; It creates learning and professional development opportunities; It combines the best and latest diagnostic or therapeutic technologies with educational practices; It is characterized as multidisciplinary, societally relevant and (qualitatively) viable; It provides opportunities for ongoing quality improvement; It addresses at least two levels of the research continuum: fundamental, translational, clinical and epidemiological; It is distinctive and relevant for the ambition of Erasmus MC; It is focused on excellence and innovation. Annually several activities and meetings are organized to stimulate the interaction between ACEs, to inspire one another and to facilitate the formation of new collaborations.

ACE visualization

A visualization of the collaboration between the ACEs is developed to stimulate and support the ACEs in finding new connections. The visualization also provides the ACEs the opportunity to present themselves. On this website the visualization of the ACEs is presented. You can search for connections between ACEs but also find more information about the main topics and results of each ACE. Information about your ACE can be adjusted at the back end of this website, which is accessible for the principal coordinators (or others appointed) by using the ‘log in’ button at the right corner.