Academic Center for Congenital Anatomical Malformations (CAM)

Erasmus MC Centre for Congenital Anatomical Malformations is the largest center within the Netherlands for fundamental, translational and applied clinical researchs, education, training and specialized (academic) care for children with congenital anatomical malformations.

The key aims of the center is to understand etiology, disease development and to provide the best pre- and postnatal care and treatment for patients.

The focus is on understanding pathophysiology in order to develop preventive strategies and new, pre and postnatal diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, initiate longterm followup and programs of transition of care to adulthood with related programs of preconception care.

On clinical expertise ACE CAM covers a large group of different malformations which need surgical intervention. This is performed within the ErasmusMC Sophia Surgical Center, which covers 14 different surgical specialties, which is the largest and most specialised center in The Netherlands.

Academic Center of Excellence

Research Activities

Our AAA ACE combines fundamental, translational, clinical and epidemiological research. The common denominator is a search for the etiology and pathogenesis of major congenital anomalies by means of research efforts ranging from translational preconception and prenatal as well as clinical studies to diagnostic (all kinds of molecular techniques) to in vivo studies in mice and fish.

Furthermore we invest in new techniques and evaluate short- and long-term clinical outcomes. To this aim a number of laboratories are involved and clinicians have dual appointments and guide research together with basic investigators. Examples are: - Plastic Surgery, Bioinformatics and Clinical Genetics: WES to detect genetic causes of craniofacial disorders and congenital hand- and foot differences - Pediatric Surgery and Clinical Genetic: Translational and regenerative research on lung, diaphragm and GI - International Hypospadias Registry – international multicenter clinical study - Pediatric Urology, Pathology, Pediatric Endocrinology: translational and clinical research in DSD - Pediatric dermatology, pediatrics, pediatric surgery, radiology, bioinformatics: WEVAR (WErkgroep VAscular and malformations Rotterdam) - Obstetrics & Gynaecology: Hospital based preiconception cohort study (Predict) Collaboration exist with groups in the other children's hospitals within the Netherlands and with children's hospitals all over the world; Great Ormond Children's Hospital-Londen, Hôpital Necker-Enfants maladies-Paris, Boston Childrens, Sik Kids Toronto to name a few.

Type of


Collaboration exist with groups in the other children’s hospitals within the Netherlands and with children’s hospitals all over the world; Great Ormond Children’s Hospital-Londen, Hôpital Necker-Enfants maladies-Paris, Boston Childrens, Sik Kids Toronto to name a few. The departments involved in ACE CAM cover a large number of rare diseases. This is recognised by the involvement in many European Reference Networks (ERNs), a European program concerning exchange of patients and knowledge concerning 7000 rare diseases, within 25 ERNs. Two of these ERNs are coordinated from ErasmusMC Sophia, and these two ERN;'s (ERNICA and CRANIO) are member of ACE CAM. Beside these two, members of ACE CAM are HCP (health Care provider) in the ERNs Skin, ITHACA, Eurogen, VASCERN, ENDOCRINE.



This ACE will enhance the level of knowledge on the full spectrum of major congenital anomalies of all levels of medical and nursing care. For this purpose, an extensive course program is offered. At presently the groups that work together in the AAA ACE contribute extensively to the Bachelor program of Medicine at Erasmus University, e.g. by means of plenary lectures, hands-on training sessions, Minor programs, and research electives (First year's medical students tutor groups; Developmental biology MSc course, molecular Biology course PhD students, Genetics course PhD/MSc students).

In addition, we contribute to the training of pediatric, obstetrics and several surgical disciplinies residents and to a range of extracurricular national and European-level teaching programs Moreover, the AAA staff participates in the Bachelor and Master program of Medicine A first fellow in the pediatric subspecialty hereditary and congenital diseases (EAA = erfelijke en aangeboren aandoeningen) has started the program in 2015.

Furthermore we contribute to the unique training program for PhD students and postdocs offered by the graduate school Medisch Genetisch Centrum Zuid-West Nederland (MGC) ( Finally educating patients: The existing Huidhuis and the under development web-based platform: "Zeldzame Ziekten" offers a unique opportunity to educate patients and professionals.


Care Activities

In the Netherlands the prevalence of congenital anatomical malformations is about 4%. Most of the affected children need to be preferably prenatally diagnosed and both pre- and postnatally- treated by a multidisciplinary team including obstetricians, pediatric surgeons, pediatricians, multiple surgical subspecialists, intensive care specialists, anesthesiologists and sometimes pediatric psychiatrist, pathologist and clinical geneticists, etc.

The primary treatment option for anatomical malformations is surgery. In view of the required multidisciplinarity the so-called Pediatric Surgical Group was initiated in 1976 in the Sophia Children's providing state-of-the art tertiary multidisciplinary medical and research. In many cases the diagnosis is made today by prenatal ultrasound at 20 weeks of gestation.

In most cases a multidisciplinary approach is needed to make a firm diagnosis using pathological, radiological and genetic analyses in the course of childhood from intrauterine life onwards as the phenotype may become more clear over time. Prevention of AAA is often hard and not always possible.Preconception and prenatal screening may sometimes present prevention in the case of monogenic disease for which the inherited mutation is known The ultimate goal is to establish a centre of specialized integrated multidisciplinary diagnostics and care in complex patients using registries of patients, webbased patient initiated and centred care, integration between patient care and research.

Societal Relevance to Research, Education and Patient Care

In the Netherlands 4 in 100 children are born with a Congenital Anatomical Malformation. Most of these disease are rare and need highly specialised care. For most patients we see, we have a last resort function. Public: the ACE will provide information to both parents and patients about their anatomical malformations and will contribute to a better understanding of the origin and development of these abnormalities.

Education: through the efforts of the ACE, accumulating data will contribute to adaptations in student's educational curriculum. Moreover, the collected information on patients will ultimately benefit future patients as more personalized treatments will be offered.

Research/education: our research programs ensure that more knowledge about the origin and development of these anatomical malformations will be available. This may contribute not only to the members of the ACE, but also to others in distant fields of interest. Our work is and will be communicated orally and in written communication to patients, patient organisations students and healthcare providers and the scientific community.

Viability of Research, Education and Patient Care

The viability of the ACE is guaranteed by the (research) meetings within each (research) group or department and by a monthly meeting for all the PI's in which we discuss patients (care), research projects, and education plans. Every year all members participate in the Sophia Research days.

Moreover, most groups participate in the Talent Program of the Theme Sophia. In this program, young talented people are selected and guided for a period of 5 years. These talents are provided mentoring and assistance from the research support office of the Theme Sophia.

More in general, we greatly encourage PhD students, working within the ACE, to be member of one the graduate schools and it is stimulated that PhDs visit foreign research groups, congresses and courses. Not only do we think that this will boost the carrier of the young scientists but it also improve the collaborations. Several groups with in ACE AAA are world leaders in their subarea

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PhD theses of the last five years

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  • Duco Schriemer, June 20, 2016 Genetics of Hirschsprung disease
  • Danny Halim, December 7, 2016 Genetics of Congenital Bowel Diseases
  • Rajendra Kumar, Chauhan November 1, 201Genetics of Hirschsprung disease
  • Nicole Janssen‡, October 11, 2017 CHARGE syndrome

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